>★•••► save money and book a day session with us for £300 ! Get 5 hrs for the price of 4 >> saving yourself £75  great for large bits of work or lots of small tattoos !! 

  1. Hi how much are u a hour plz

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  2. How much do you charge for lettering?


  3. Hi, how much for a tiny tattoo (roughly 2cm)? And do we have to book in advance?


  4. I want to consult Jaison on some sort of tattoo improvement. Would it be ok to just pop-in or should I make an appointment? I probably need 10-15min to discuss. cheers-Sid


  5. Mhairi Sevink-Wincomb

    Do you do eyeliner tattoos and how much do they cost?


  6. If I create my own design for a tattoo, would it cost more? Plus, would there be any dragon tattoo samples for a thigh tattoo to choose instead? How much D’you think (obviously estimate) a large tattoo on my outer thigh, reaching up to my hip would cost? Thank you!


    • Hi Jennifer we can do all the design work for you .. depends on the style of dragon and size of leg etc .. Japanese’s dragon ? Realism ? Tribal ? Most large pieces a4 size are around 300 thigh to hip may be 2 day sessions – we don’t check the msgs here very often in case we miss it can u email victoriaroadtattoo@gmail.com or on our face book page 🙂


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